WVAHPERD members belong to a prestigious professional organization.  Within this organization we have been honored to work with national and state teachers of the year, higher education faculty whom have been featured on the world stage for their research and dedication to physical activity and health and some of the state’s most dedicated educators.

Each year we are proud to honor our professionals for their dedication to their profession.  We accept nominations from their peers throughout the year, and select committees choose the winners, who are recognized at our annual state conference during the awards banquet.

Ray O. Duncan Award

  1. Candidate of this award may be a non-professional and / or non-member of the WVAHPERD.
  2. If the candidate is a member of WVAHPERD, he / she must be a recipient of the Honor Award.
  3. Candidate must have rendered exemplary service to the Association and the profession over a period of 5 years.

Honor Award

  1. Candidate must be a member of the WVAHPERD for at least (3) years
  2. Candidate must have rendered honorary service to the Association

The Young Professional Award

  1. Candidate must be an active WVAHPERD member.
  2. Candidate is a professional who has been in the profession for less than 15 years regardless of the age of the individual.
  3. Candidate must show evidence of scholarship, service to the profession (particularly to the WVAHPERD), and to teaching in the areas of HPERD.

The Bea N. Orr Student Award

  1. Candidate must be a member of WVAHPERD and must be recommended by their College or University
  2. Candidate should have outstanding achievement and service in the areas of HPERD.

The Scholar Award

  1. Candidate shall have maintained membership for a minimum of (5) years in the WVAHPERD and SHAPE America
  2. Candidate shall display scholarly activity, service and commitment to the profession.

The Ethnic Minority Graduate Fellowship Award

  1. Candidate shall have performed with distinction as a member at his / her undergraduate institution with priority given to the student’s course work, extracurricular activities, commitment to the profession and promise for success in such a career.

The Recreation & Leisure Leadership Award

  1. Candidate shall be a current member of the WVAHPERD.
  2. Candidate shall be a person who has exhibited outstanding and creative leadership in the recreation profession or as an innovative leisure educator at the college / university level.
  3. The candidate shall be involved in recreation leadership as illustrated by having delivered presentations, workshops and conferences or written publications in the various areas of recreation / leisure.

The Dana Brooks Mentorship Award

  1. Candidate shall be a current member of the WVAHPERD.
  2. Candidate shall be a person who is a professional in Health, Physical Education, Recreation or Dance.
  3. The candidate shall demonstrate excellence while serving as a mentor to: other professionals, students or others in fields that promote active healthy lifestyles.